Who are we?

ThisLinkWillSelfDestruct.com was built by Peter and John, a couple old friends. Who where having breakfast and felt links needed to self destruct.

Data Collection

We only store the data needed to serve your link's content.

For unencrypted links, this includes the plaintext of the link's content.

For encrypted links, this includes the non-secret elements necessary to allow the end user to decrypt. Cipher text, initialization vector, salt, key size, encryption mode, etc. No secret data(key, or plaintext) are ever stored locally, or on the server. They're not even sent to the server.

In addition, for all links, we store the settings you select on the form: max view count, expiration date, etc.

We only store these things until the link self destructs(either by view count or time limit), then it is gone. In terms of analytics, we use GoAccess with the IP address anyonmized. Even then, those logs are rolled by default in ubuntu after a couple weeks.


The cookie monster ate all the cookies, so we don't use them.


We may on occasion put up a email capture, to let you know if we ever do something else, or launch a feature. Your email is never shared with anyone if you sign up. Because, Spam should live in a can. Not in your email.


We may update this privacy statement, but the statements above will never change significantly.

Remove Data?

Anything we could potentially store, is anonymized. But if you find something we missed, contact us

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